Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Green Gunk

Well, as a follow on from yesterday, today I am going to talk about Green Gunk. Green Gunk is something that Darling invented. He also invented the name - don't ask me where he pulled that one from, but it is actually quite apt. Think of that thick green revolting looking drink that Rene Russo drinks in The Thomas Crown Affair - that about sums up Green Gunk. It is made up of fresh wheat grass, spirulina, 'green power' (a powder of organic wheat.barley and alfafa grass and 7 types of seaweed!)) a banana, a bit of watered down apple juice and sometimes a little milk thistle for your liver.
Often I hear the whir whir of the blender coming from the kitchen, and I desperately hope that Darling is going to surprise me with a banana milkshake! But, it never ever is my dream of a milkshake it is always the dreaded Green Gunk!

Block your nose and get it down! This is my Green Gunk taken this morning.

You can buy 'The Real Thing, Green Power' from the Wellness Warehouse. The milk thistle tablets you can by from health shops. Oh forgot to mention that of course you can add fruit to soften the blow. Strawberries are nice.

This is our wheat grass crop in our kitchen. Sometimes Darling even adds a bit of aloe plant for kicks.

Let's just focus on how amazing Rene Russo looks in the movie. Think Rene thoughts as you glug down your seven types of seaweed.
One of my favorite dresses of all time. If I get to wear that bring on the Green Gunk!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Get a Spring in Your Step

Well, it's Spring time and that means Spring cleaning! I have decided to go full throttle!

I have spent the afternoon with my bank manager. I have changed my account type and have set up a new savings account. Finance, Tick!

I have as a brave new treat booked myself into the hydro in Stellenbosch for a three day kick start health detox. Health, Tick! (I write this whilst eating toast with peanut butter and jam)

I am having an extreme wardrobe overhaul by Deborah from Iracema Boutique. Wardrobe,Tick! (I am so excited about this, will take photos and tell all) Best of all we're doing a trade off so it remains in line with my new budgeting that I'm practicing.

I'm feeling very Springy indeed.

* A note from Miss Hotbod
Spring is the perfect time to cleanse.
Bikini season is just round the corner for goodness sake!
Start the day with hot water and lemon or green tea.
Try a drink vegetable juice until lunch time.
I either do 'green lemonade' which is spinach (letttuce,cucumber,celery or anything green can be thrown in)a whole lemon and stevia powder (a natural sweetner found in health stores)
Another good juice is beetroot,carrot and ginger all blended together.
There are so many detoxes available today. Do some research on the internet to find the best one for you. Set aside one weekend and do a proper detox!

* A note from Mrs Married (today she is doing the houshold accounts)

I read in Rich Woman by Kim kiyosaki that each month you should set aside a certain percentage of your salary. Then you should split that percentage into three sections: Investing Account,Savings Account and Charity Account .So if you take 30% of your salary you would give 10% to the above accounts.

It is a very good idea as otherwise we know it is impossible to save. when I opened my new bank account I immediately put aside my 30%. It was surprisingly rewarding even after I had to kiss a few purchases good bye.

I'm going to for the first time divide the rest of my monthly budgets into sections but also to give a section to 'treats' as it must be somewhat realistic and enjoyable. Otherwise what;s it all for!!!

A good website to compare banking charges and to clean out your financing is they give banking tips and ways to save money too!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A bit of shop

Well, August has been a busy month. Let me re cap with a few photos of what DOMINICO HOUSE has been doing. It's is now September and the start of Spring! What is in store for DOMINICO HOUSE I wonder!

What a fun month!!