Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The New 'Pavilion'

So, Darling and I had to entertain some guests from overseas over the weekend. Being excited about being in 'Africa' I reiterated the fact with an African themed evening. I played it down slightly, and tried to subtly hint at Africa rather than make it outright tackarama (mine and my girlfriends' word for tacky) The good news was that our new 'pavilion' (what we like to call it) had just been completed. There's nothing like a new pavilion to raise one's spirits.Aren't these flowers amazing. They're obviously from the Protea family and are specifically called 'Banksia' The couple from Indonesia were particularly impressed.

The New Completed Pavilion

Darling, hanging the fish trap light at the eleventh hour.

Table mountain dressed up for the occasion.

You see how our house is in camouflage with the mountains! Clever house.

The table looking a bit naked - not quite complete.

The beautiful Portia.

Darling's drinks table.

Where are the guests?

* A note from Mrs Mostess
When serving canapes never make them so big in size, that it is impossible to simple toss them into your mouth. One does not want to have to stand trying to balance a plate as well as your glass then try and eat a huge tricky canape. Only people from the circus can make it look effortless.
Also, whilst trying to introduce your guests to our native cuisine, don't under estimate people's unwillingness to be adventurous. As biltong, kudu carpaccio and ostrich might seem like old hat to us, it is most certainly too much to ask of the palate shy.


  1. Love the views!!

  2. Gorgeous setting and charming blog!

  3. absolutely gorgeous! I bet everyone had a lovely time. I recently saw your mom's house in House & Garden and made the connection to yours, which I saw a couple years ago in House & Leisure. Both are very much my style, and I did a little blogging about you. So glad to have found your blog!